Price and Features Of New BMW 5 Series 2018


Price and Features Of New BMW 5 Series 2018 – After a long wait, BMW finally launched new BMW 5 series 2018 successor F10 coded body G30. The car that competes directly with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6 is showing its latest form, the official website of BMW F10 has also changed to the G30, this is the second BMW that uses the body code "G". These are the most waited and most wanted sedan from BMW.

Price and Features Of New BMW 5 Series 2018

Price and Features Of New BMW 5 Series 2018

New aggressive look and exterior features

Now let's discuss the design. BMW made major changes to the front of this new car. This car comes with a more aggressive front view with the use of a headlamp that blends with a kidney grille similar to G11. The car which is a variant of M-Sport from BMW has a very sporty bumper shape and makes it looks very amazing. BMW also uses Adaptive LED lights as stock headlight. LED adaptive lights on this car are slightly different from the i8 series or G11 that already use Laser Light technology. However, adaptive LEDs that exist in this new BMW sedan can provide good lighting when driving at night and certainly can produce a comfortable light for both drivers and other drivers from opposite directions.

You can still see a few lines similar to the BMW F10. BMW looks quite conservative by providing rims measuring 18 "on the front and 19" on the back. These rims make the exterior look of this car look really cool.

The back of this car has a slightly same design with the BMW F07 or 5 GT series. Many people who deplore the design of BMW associated with this because as already known that the back of the BMW F07 get much criticism from automotive watchers. The first variant of this series is the BMW 540i comes with Trapezium Dual-Exhaust that looks very modern. This exhaust design is not as exorcistic as existing in BMW E39 and E60.

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Engine and interior

IDrive 5.0 system is the latest iDrive from BMW which they have applied in G11. Do not forget, the BMW 5Series already apply the technology Carbon Core and Cluster Architecture technology (CLAR) which makes the weight of this car is much lighter than the BMW F10. This technology will certainly increase the acceleration and stability of the BMW sedan that will be released in 2018.

For engine sector, 520i and 530i will be equipped with B48 2000c 4-cylinder turbo and 540i with B58 3000cc 6-cylinder turbo and not forget B47 2000cc and B57 3000cc for Diesel variant, then what about M5? Perhaps fans should be patient because BMW is still developing its M5, to entertain the consumers will be given a variant of 550i M Sport with a V8 capable of spewing 462hp and 650nM of torque that is ready to entertain you as predicted M5 will come out in late 2017 with Model Year 2018. Carbon Core and Cluster Architecture (CLAR) technology and power-generating engines of more than 450 hp, the new BMW 5 series 2018 will be priced starting at $ 73,000 at early 2018.

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